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Author, Coach & Astrologer

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Talks & Workshops

I have been giving talks and workshops for many years and am offering the following talks to groups, companies and organisations. Contact me for further information.


How to be Inspired


What is inspiration? Where does it come from? How can I be more inspired?


In this talk I will give some insights into what inspiration actually is and how you can increase your inspiration on a daily basis, both in your work and private life. Maybe even more important, how you can keep being inspired.


It is when we feel inspired that we can transcend the 'inner critic' and move past hesitation and start to create the life we want. When we are inspired we are closer to liberating our potential and leading happier, more fulfilled lives. If we stop our inspiration, we stop our passion for life, so in this talk I will also talk about overcoming 'resistance'.  




Stress Less - Live More


Is stress dominating your life? Do you often feel overwhelemed? Do you frequently get ill or suffer from panic attacks?


In this talk I will talk about what stress is and how there is 'good' and 'bad' stress.  We will look at why we get stressed, how stress effects your body and mind, why there is more stress today than 20-30 years ago. I will also give strategies, tips, methods and techniques on how you can deal with stress and get control over your life.





Some companies and organisations I have given talks to:

Heart of Kent Hospice (staff training in stress management and meditation)

Maidstone Fybromyalgia Society

Breast Cancer Support Group at Maidstone Hospital

Cardiac Support Group at Maidstone Hospital

Rejuvenation Weekends in Kent

Guest teacher and speaker at various retreats and events in the UK and abroad.

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