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By Rose-Marie Sorokin, Jan 21 2015 05:38PM

Astrology has been used by man for thousands of years. Today astrology is re-emerging and is being accepted as a powerful tool, one that can help clarify and bring greater understanding to our complex and sometimes difficult lives.

An astrologer uses the birth chart as a guide to help the client. This is essentially a map of the sky, a snapshot that shows us where the planets were placed at the moment of your birth. The chart provides us with a blueprint of your individual personality. The birth chart not only looks at the personality, but also at the external life. It works on the basis that the internal energies present are reflected in the outer or external world.

Astrology used with integrity and respect can provide information which can help those who are in need of guidance and support. By providing insights into our emotions, personality, relationships and life direction, astrology can help us understand our deeper selves, enabling us to work towards fulfiling our highest potential.

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