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Introduction to Astrology


Astrology has been used by man for thousands of years.  Today astrology is re-emerging and is being accepted as a powerful tool, one that can help clarify and bring greater understanding to our complex and sometimes difficult lives.


An astrologer uses the birth chart as a guide to help the client. This is essentially a map of the sky, a snapshot that shows us where the planets were placed at the moment of your birth. The chart provides us with a blueprint of your individual personality. The birth chart not only looks at the personality, but also at the external life. It works on the basis that the internal energies present are reflected in the outer or external world.


Astrology used with integrity and respect can provide information which can help those who are in need of guidance and support. By providing insights into our emotions, personality, relationships and life direction, astrology can help us understand our deeper selves, enabling us to work towards fulfiling our highest potential.



Rose-Marie’s Astrology Services



The Birth Chart:


•The birth chart is the equivalent of a snapshot of the sky, one taken as you were born onto the earth. It shows us where the ten planets were placed and which zodiac signs they were placed in. Each planet affects us in different ways and this is further influenced by the zodiac sign it’s found within.


•The aim of the astrologer is to help bring to you an understanding of who you are - that you are a unique and special being with talents, strengths and abilities. A birth chart reading will bring to you greater confidence and awareness of your own personal power.


•Specific issues or areas of life can also be addressed so that conflicts or challenges can be understood with greater understanding and a fresh perspective. Please remember though that Rose-Marie can only provide the help and information. Free-will is your absolute right - only you can choose as to how you make use of what you’re given through the birth chart interpretation.


•The interpretation can be purely psychologically or spiritually orientated. Both interpretations examine the area or areas of life that you request in a humane and constructive manner. However, the spiritual interpretation will also touch upon life lessons, karma and soul-orientated issues. Please indicate whether you prefer a psychologically focused interpretation or one which carries a spiritual emphasis.


•The birth chart is a blueprint of the personality and also to some extent shows the external influences present and how they exert an affect upon your life. Through the birth chart we can explore your childhood, your relationships, your health, your finances or your career. In fact any area(s) of your life can be clarified by examining the birth chart.


•The birth chart is calculated by taking into account the date, place and time of birth.


This comprehensive birth chart interpretation includes all of the following areas of life.



• Early Years and Famly Relationships

• Intellectuality

• Working Life and Career

• Health

• Relationships and Marriage

• Children



Yearly Forecast – Transits/Progressions/Directions


•As knowledge of the birth chart is necessary before future influences can be understood fully, the transit report can only be constructed once the birth chart has already been analysed.


•The future influences analysis looks at planetary influences for the coming year. This is not a prediction of the future; within true astrology you are free to make your own decisions. This report is a guide to the planetary influences and informs you as to the appropriate times to focus upon certain areas of life. It will show you, for example, when it’s a good time move forward with a plan, project or decision and when perhaps it’s best to bide your time.





Birth Chart (character analysis)

Printed Colour Chart + in-depth personal chart interpretation.

In person or via Skype.

The consultation is recorded on an mp3 file and takes approx. 2 hours.






Yearly Overview

Interpretation of personal trends for the coming year.

The consultation is recorded on an mp3 file and takes approx. 2 hours.

Before having a Yearly Overview, you need to have had your Birth Chart done by me.





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”Stunningly accurate. Thank you Rose-Marie.”

Kylie Minogue, London


”Having my chart done has changed my life. I now have a much better understanding of who I am, and that has made me move in a different direction. ”

S. Sahakian, Los Angeles


”I received your chart at a very low point in my life. Listening to your tape made a lot of difference to me and made me see things in a new and more positive light.”

Mrs A Pike, London


Rose-Marie has been working with astrology since 1979, first in her home country Sweden and then (since 1986) in England. She has clients in several countries and her work is much appreciated from people of all walks of life. She has appeared on both radio and TV and written articles on astrology and related subjects and was for some time working on a project with Jonathan Cainer (Britians most well known astrologer) and The Astrological Association of Great Britain. Rose-Marie is also a Coach, Yoga teacher, Meditation Teacher and Photographer.    

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