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YES Weekend

Yoga, Empowerment & Spirituality

Finding Inner Peace, Power and Purpose

24-26 March 2017

Oxon Hoath Retreat Centre,

Hadlow, Kent

Join me for an inspirational and relaxing weekend!


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Welcome to my website!


My passion is to inspire.


When you feel inspired you connect with your True Self. Once you make this connection everything starts to fall into place and even your biggest dreams can come true. You simply feel good and full of energy!


My work is about helping you believe in yourself and your dreams and releasing what is holding you back. I do this by one-to-one astrological consultations and coaching. I also give talks and workshop and run retreats.


One part of my work is to teach the Universal Law of Attraction. The true Law of Attraction is not about earning large sums of money or finding your dream partner, althought it can be part of it, but about re-connecting with your passion and inspiration and thereby finding inner peace and fulfillment on many levels.    


I have had a strong interest in personal and spiritual development for more than 25 years and studied subjects like yoga, meditation, mindfulness, spiritual coaching, psychology, astrology, holistic health, raw food nutrition and healing.


On this website you will find information about my work and also tips, inspiration and products that will help you on your journey to a life of self-confidence, fulfillment, inner peace and abundance on all levels.  


Enjoy this website and stay in touch!

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